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Choose your character for a monthly Story Bound Society subscription.

The Guardian Box

The Guardian is the reader who savors excellent literature of the highest caliber. They are known to explore elusive classics, heavy-hitting books, backlist gems, and literary fiction; they are the guardians of great literature. Ultimately, they desire to only read titles that are impactful, brilliant, and will stand the test of time. Their most-loved books could include All the Light We Cannot See, Jayber Crow, and Gilead. Box will contain one paperback book.

The Pioneer Box

The Pioneer is unafraid to test the waters of uncharted fiction and pays close attention to book previews for the latest and upcoming releases. They delight in masterful debut authors and new releases that are more well-written and less mainstream. They are the discoverers of new favorites and love to dialogue with others about their captivating finds. Some of their favorite books may include Shiner and The Paris Library. Box will contain one fiction hardcover book.

The Storyteller Box

The Storyteller reaches for nonfiction narratives that spark their ever-expanding curiosity. They are pleasantly knowledgeable and fascinated by a variety of topics, vacillating with ease between narrative nonfiction, bio-memoir, history, and true crime stories. The Storyteller savors intelligent conversations fueled by real experiences and truthful revelation, ideally while sitting around a campfire. Some of their favorites may include The Deepest South of All, Educated, and Pappyland. Box will contain one hardcover book.

The Explorer Box

The Explorer is an undaunted learner of the world, unafraid to deep dive into every element of society—the broken and the beautiful. They strive to bring awareness that will advocate for a more hope-filled society and pursue books that represent a wide array of cultures, current events, and social issues. Their passion and conviction draws them toward books like Just Mercy, Our Women on the Ground, and Be the Bridge. Box will contain one paperback book.

The Sage Box

The Sage is the contemplative soul who sees relevance in the ancient and searches for books and tales that bring the old world into our contemporary age. They embrace the simple— like a good pipe—and yet are present to the challenge of deeper thinking and ruminating upon life’s great quest. Savoring elevated, spiritual texts and meaningful stories, they study the works of authors like Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, and Richard Rohr. Box will contain one paperback book.

The Everyman Box

A diamond in the rough, the Everyman is the reader who embodies elements of each character found in The Story Bound Society. They delight in a variety of literary works, from vetted new releases to weathered wisdom texts, and feel at home in any section of a bookshop or library. The Everyman cannot choose just one genre to land on; their curiosity is so strong that they would rather have a sampling of each type offered.

The Sleuth Box

The Sleuth, our newest subscription box, highlights the best mysteries and thrillers from around the world. Sleuths bravely confront the mysterious and feel most at home in the midst of uncertainty. From their love of police procedurals, crime fiction, and legal drama, they are investigators in their own right and relish the puzzling of plots and the interpreting of clues. Sleuth’s track and observe authors like Richard Osman, Freida McFadden, and Tessa Wegert. Box will either contain 1 hardcover book or 2 paperback books.

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